The first cell group met in Ireland in June 1990. Since then cell groups have generated amazing interest throughout the country. They have spawned many local initiatives. These include preparing parents of children for confirmation, parish visitation, working with youth.

Their most fruitful evidence to date is the readiness of participants to serve within their parishes and Church and to speak of faith issues as well as their wish to form cells and places of evangelisation.

The development of cell groups can offer an exciting parish vision. With good parochial leadership an increasing number of such groups can come into being through the process of multiplication.

The evangelisation work of the parish will then largely be achieved by lay people informally through their relationships in the home and neighbourhood. This is seen more clearly in a parish like St. Eustorgio, Milan where more than 1,000 attend regular cell meetings.

In Ireland new cell groups are constantly being launched, Carrickfergus, Nenagh, St. Michael’s and St. Agnes'(Belfast), Ballinteer, Donaghmede, Cabra West, Callan were among the original and are well worth looking at. They reflect a variety of backgrounds.

“The world is not a friendly place for many people. The cell provides a friendly place for others, even if only once every fortnight.” (Sister Luca, Belfast).